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Leaf Pattern Design




01 about

10 0f the best band aids

and other photos! 

Blurry Gradient

Artist Statement 

I used lightroom photoshop to manipulate my pictures; as well as using the hand color method in the software to add color and meaning to my images. these photos were taken with a pinhole camera, I picked the best ones that I took. 


This image uses that Negative X-ray-type look by darkening the picture itself and adding the outlines and making the sky dark so it looks like there is a weird mood to it. 

Screenshot 2022-11-06 171538.png


this image used a bit of a Vignette; and a bit of color. the adjustment was to brighten the image so the figures were visible and then add that fogging tone to it so it looks like your looking at the image through a window. 



used handcolor in photoshop and i dimmed the image so it look like a "ghost" through a colored stained glass. 

Screenshot 2022-11-06 172350.png
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